FECCIWA calls on Christian communities to reconsider their interaction with the environment

The world community celebrates on each June 5th the World Environment Day. Opportunity to initiate actions and discussions around the protection of the environment to raise public awareness of environmental challenges, this day was placed this year under the theme “Air pollution”. The Fellowship of Christian Councils and Churches in West Africa (FECCIWA) in collaboration with the Methodist Church of Togo organized at the Salem Temple of Hanoukopé an evening of talks and discussions.

The environment is polluted by the action of humans and other pollutants. Toxic chemicals from industry such as coal ash, gas, uncontrolled tree cutting, herbicides and pesticides, plastic bags are important sources of environmental pollution. But the environment is very important for the welfare of humans and other species. Its contamination is synonym of the destruction of the ecosystem and all the living species. All this has a direct impact on agricultural production, food and human health.

The celebration of this World Day by FECCIWA was furnished with a series of poems written and declaimed by the children of Sunday School, and a debate on air pollution. These activities helped to sensitize the community and the faithful people to reconsider their interaction with the environment, to maintain it and to protect it.

The activity was sanctioned by a call to action of the General Secretary of FECCIWA, the Very Rev. Dr. Jacques AGNIMEL Gnagne on the world theme.

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