FECCIWA participates in the second edition of the West African caravan of the West African Global Convergence on land and water

After the first edition held in 2016, the West African Global Convergence on land and water organizes the 2nd edition of its caravan. Scheduled from November, 10th to 30th, 2018, this edition theme is: "Rights to land, water and peasant seeds: a common fight".

The purpose of this important event is to contribute to a social transformation in West Africa notably by the improvement of the policies and the legislative texts in the course of ratification, elaboration or revision on the land, the water , peasant seeds, pastoralism, fisheries, EPAs in the ECOWAS region to defend our rights in the context of food sovereignty by promoting peasant agroecology based on human rights, the right to food, ... It will be for the actors to find the practical way to sensitize the populations on the need to fight so that the land, the water and the peasant seeds remain common goods accessible to all, and to inform them on the related stakes; to strengthen the synergy of actions of organizations and movements at the level of each country via national platforms within the framework of regional dynamics; improve the involvement of women and youth in local land governance to ensure secure access to land; support human rights and commons defenders who are constantly criminalized, harassed or killed; to continue the mobilization against the EPAs; to hand over to the current President of ECOWAS and to the political and administrative authorities of each country, the Green Book of Convergence for an effective consideration of the concerns of the African peoples and especially the rural world in the policies and decision-making process; and to have Convergence recognized as an interlocutor in decision-making and political processes in West Africa.

Organized by the countries platforms in connection with the West African Global Convergence on land and water coordination commission, the caravan will leave Guinea Conakry on November 10th, 2018, cross Côte d'Ivoire, Ghana and Togo to end in Benin on November 30th, 2018, junction point with the axis II of the caravan which should come from Nigeria. The caravan will deliver advocacy materials from the West African Global Convergence on land and water to the current ECOWAS President in Cotonou.

Over these 21 days, more than 300 participants are expected to attend, including the leaders of the Fellowship of Christian Councils and Churches in West Africa (FECCIWA), which will carry the activities of the Lomé Conference, in Togo.

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The Green Booklet of the global convergence on land and water

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